Structural Selective Rack

SpaceRAK provides Structural Selective Storage Racks throughout many different industrial and commercial environments. Structural Selective Rack Systems are a durable choice for high abuse and high capacity applications. SpaceRAK provides Structural Selective Rack systems with a bolted beam-to-frame connection.

Product: Structural Selective Rack

SpaceRAK Structural Selective Rack products are manufactured in two locations; Marlette, MI and Lodi, CA. SpaceRAK's Structural Selective Rack system is adjustable on 2-inch vertical increments, and is available in various heights and depths. SpaceRAK can provide a hybrid-style system, using bolted Roll Formed Step Beams and Structural Channel Frames. Based on your local installation site, applicable codes may require enhancements to your rack system due to seismic forces, fire codes, and safety. SpaceRAK has all of the necessary enhancements to meet your needs.

Model Options

  • Frame Types: available in 3" & 4" wide channel, Light & Heavy duty for each
    • Kant-Leg & Step-Back Leg
    • Welded column reinforcements
    • Oversized Base Plates
  • Beam Types
    • Bolted Channel: 3" thru 8" channel
    • Bolted Step Beams: 1.625" inside step
  • Accessories: typical selective rack accessories
    • Row Spacers & Wall Ties
    • Bolted Cross Bars
    • Frames Guards: Welded, Bolt-on, & Floor Mount
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