Structural Cantilever

Cantilever racks are designed to service a broad range of storage requirements for products with varying weights, lengths, and sizes. With freedom from upright column interference, cantilever racks can accommodate most storage applications and allow for easier product removal and replacement.

Product: Structural Cantilever

SpaceRAK Structural Cantilever components are made of rugged I-Beam (wide-flange steel) materials and are designed for both medium and heavy-duty storage applications. Both the columns and the bases are made of W-Beam sections and are secured with a bolted-base connection. Arms are made from S-Beam steel and can be adjusted on 4" centers. Arms are available in several angles of incline for load retention. Structural Cantilever rack is widely used in the steel and lumber industries. SpaceRAK offers this product line from our manufacturing facility in Marlette, MI, only.

Model Options

  • Structural Cantilever is made from Wide Flange Steel for Columns, Bases, & Arms and all are fastened through a high-strength bolted connection.
  • Arm Lengths for storage depth can range from 24" to 72", per shelf and are adjustable on 4" centers.
  • Arms are available in both a Light Duty and Heavy Duty capacity style and can be ordered in 3 different slopes.
  • Upright Heights are dependent on arm loading and arm length, but can reach heights of 25-feet or higher.
  • Decked-arm shelf configurations for storage applications are available and can be configured using wire-mesh decks, plywood platforms, or specialized steel decking.
  • Aisle Guidance systems are available for down-aisle lift truck traffic and are common in high-volume, heavy-duty product storage applications.
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