Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet Flow Rack is designed for high density storage and provides "First In, First Out" or "FIFO" pallet storage. Pallet Flow Racks reduce the need for traffic aisles and improve warehouse utilization. SpaceRAK partners with Mallard Manufacturing, a leader in pallet flow systems, to provide turn-key solutions.

Product: Pallet Flow Rack

SpaceRAK partners with Mallard Manufacturing when presenting a turn-key pallet flow storage system. Pallet flow systems can be used in a variety of ways, including deep lane storage applications and shallow line case pick applications. SpaceRAK offers Mallard's Magnum-style flow rail wheel, which comes with a lifetime warranty. Additionally, for pallets & loads that are challenging for flow applications, SpaceRAK and Mallard will pre-test your toughest pallet to ensure the best flow solution available for your application.

Model Options

  • Rack Support Structure Type for pallet flow systems can be either Roll Formed materials or Structural Channel materials, allowing for the best solution and maximum versatility dependent on your application environment.
  • Pallet Flow system depth can range from shallow lane storage (2 – 4 pallets deep) thru deep lane storage (10 – 12 pallets deep). SpaceRAK and Mallard Manufacturing will customize a solution which can meet your needs.
  • Lane Styles: various flow rail styles for your pallet are available, dependent on your application:
    • Full Width Lane Rollers for flow lanes, typically used with inconsistent or odd-size pallets.
    • Skate Wheel Lane Roller for flow lanes, typically used with standard wood pallets in shallow lane storage applications
    • Magnum (Poly) Wheel for flow lanes, typically used with standard wood pallets in good condition for deep lane storage applications.
  • Lane Accessories: various accessories come with your pallet flow solution, dependent on your application.
    • Entry Guides can be ordered for each of your lanes. Entry Guides help align the load and the pallet onto the lanes when charging the flow lane.
    • Ramp Stops are provided at the discharge or exit end of the flow rails to allow for proper lift truck interaction with pallet take-away.
    • Speed Controllers are provided in all types of pallet flow systems to create flow separation as well as prevent run-away pallets in deep lane storage.
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