Mission & Core Values

Provide industry leading storage and material handling

solutions to maximize our customer return on investment.
Our desire is to maximize VALUE throughout the business transaction by strict attention to detail and a “get it right the first time” internal philosophy. Our commitment to our customer is a safe and ON-TIME storage solution, designed and manufactured to specification and exceeding industry expectations of QUALITY. SpaceRAK’s success in the Material Handling Industry will be achieved by delivering to our customers what they want, when they want it, at a competitive price.

SpaceRAK Core Values

Our values will be the governing principles by which we conduct business every day. We are confident this consistent behavior creates long term partnerships throughout the supply chain. We believe that through these partnerships SpaceRak will remain a preferred supplier of storage and material handling solutions.

As an organization, SpaceRAK Team members & associates subscribe to the following core values in their every-day operations and functions.

  • Provide industry leading storage and material handling solutions to maximize customer return on investment.
  • Safety – it is our commitment in all we do.
  • People – being responsible and accountable for your objectives and your actions
  • Attention to Detail – integrate the requirements of the customer across the organization.
  • Continuous Improvement – remain focused on what the customer identifies as value-based resources and deliverables.
  • Customer Service – provide timely, accurate, and complete information to our customers; they are the ones that matter.
  • Employee Integrity – always operate in an honest, trustworthy, and respectful manner.
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